Swing Line Youth Dance Explosion


  1. Plan ahead. Know the event schedule in advance and arrive in time to meet our contest registration deadlines. Bring appropriate competition attire. Be sure to check when you arrive for any last-minute changes to our schedule.
  2. Know the Rules. Read the competition rules carefully prior to the contest. You are responsible for following our rules whether you have read them or not. If you have questions, you should contact our Competition Coordinator ahead of time.
  3. Turn in your music to the DJ at least 1 hour prior to your division. Music for routines must be a single track on a CD and clearly labeled. If you need your music’s tempo altered, started in the middle of the track or an early fade out, please have someone edit your music in advance.
  4. Be prepared to compete. Be in the ballroom at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your competition. Remember to bring your bib number (we will charge you a replacement fee of $10 if you lose it.) If you miss the competition or withdraw after the registration deadline, you forfeit your entry fee.
  5. Be a good sport. You must demonstrate good sporting conduct both on and off the competition floor. This includes treating partners, other competitors, competition officials, spectators, and the event itself with respect. Demonstrating a poor attitude by heaving in ways that the judges deem inappropriate will result in your disqualification.
  6. Use only appropriate channels to communicate your concerns. If you have questions or concerns about our competitions, use appropriate channels to share your concerns such as a private discussion with our competition coordinator, chief judge, or contestant representative. You are not allowed to pressure, challenge, or argue with the judges. If you harass or verbally abuse a judge or other competition official, we will disqualify you and may also ban you from competing at this event in the future.
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