Swing Line Youth Dance Explosion

General Rules

General Rules

  1. Good sportsmanship must be exhibited at all times.
  2. Un-sportsmanship like conduct will not be tolerated.
  3. You are responsible for knowing and following all the contest rules.
  4. Competitors must be 18 years or older (except, young adults (youth), pro/am and bridging the gap).
  5. All competitors must purchase a weekend pass, sign a waiver, register and pay the entry fee.
  6. A couple will consist of one male leader and one female follower.
  7. You may not enter more than one division with the same partner, except team, line dance, and trios.
  8. No video cameras are allowed in the ballrooms. Professionally produced video of all competitions and workshop reviews are available for sale on VHS & DVD.
  9. It is understood that all contestants and attendees consent to release the use of their photos, and names to appear in a video for sale.
  10. Couples consist of one male (leader) and one female (follower) unless otherwise specifically stated.
  11. Trios consist of two males and one female or two females and one male. Leads can and may change within the routine.
  12. All partner dance couples and trios must consist of a minimum of 80% of the structure of that dance (Chicago Stepping, Hand Dance, West Coast Swing, Detroit Ballroom, Detroit Bop, D.C. Bop, etc.)

What is Swing?

Swing, as defined for this event is; rhythm dance consisting of primarily (6) and/or (8)-beat patterns that cover circular and/or slotted areas on the dance floor. Swing incorporates Underarm Turns, Side Passes, Pushes, Swings, Wheels and Whips also Rhythm Breaks, Syncopations and Extensions of the same.

Competition Music

Competition music is either provided by TRI-State (Heat Categories) or by the contestants (Individual Categories). In all individual categories the contestant must submit their music to the competition Dee Jay, completely labeled with their name and the name of that category. The music must be on CD and the CD must contain only the one song they will dance to for that category. (One labeled CD, containing one song, per individual/group per category) The Dee Jay will play the music and recorded speed unless otherwise clearly specified on the label when submitted. Specifics of the music to be played in heat categories can be found in the category rules.

Conduct and Grievances

Conduct — Judging will be done during the dance presentation, but may be influenced by the contestants; actions during the entire time they are on the floor. Therefore, good sporting conduct should be maintained at all times. Unsporting conduct or harassment of officials by contestants may be cause for disqualification.

Grievances — Grievances against competing contestants or because of mechanical problems will be presented to the head judge, who will call a meeting of the judges to resolve the grievance. These grievances must be filed within (15) minutes after the problem has occurred. Any other grievance may be filed within (48) hours after the end of the competition with the head judge and will be considered by the “Tri State Connection” Oversight Committee. Any grievance filed after this (48) hour period will not be considered.

All performances are a minimum of (2) minutes; not to exceed (3) minutes unless otherwise specified. Team category allows routines of up to (4) minutes. There will be a (5) second timing grace period. There will be (20) seconds allowed for entry and exit from the floor with no music. If music is to be used for the entry and/or exit, it must be done within the allotted time of that category. A penalty of one placement will be charged if this rule is violated.

Click here to read specific Category Rules.


  1. Plan ahead. Know the event schedule in advance and arrive in time to meet our contest registration deadlines. Bring appropriate competition attire. Be sure to check when you arrive for any last-minute changes to our schedule.
  2. Know the Rules. Read the competition rules carefully prior to the contest. You are responsible for following our rules whether you have read them or not. If you have questions, you should contact our Competition Coordinator ahead of time.
  3. Turn in your music to the DJ at least 1 hour prior to your division. Music for routines must be a single track on a CD and clearly labeled. If you need your music’s tempo altered, started in the middle of the track or an early fade out, please have someone edit your music in advance.
  4. Be prepared to compete. Be in the ballroom at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your competition. Remember to bring your bib number (we will charge you a replacement fee of $10 if you lose it.) If you miss the competition or withdraw after the registration deadline, you forfeit your entry fee.
  5. Be a good sport. You must demonstrate good sporting conduct both on and off the competition floor. This includes treating partners, other competitors, competition officials, spectators, and the event itself with respect. Demonstrating a poor attitude by heaving in ways that the judges deem inappropriate will result in your disqualification.
  6. Use only appropriate channels to communicate your concerns. If you have questions or concerns about our competitions, use appropriate channels to share your concerns such as a private discussion with our competition coordinator, chief judge, or contestant representative. You are not allowed to pressure, challenge, or argue with the judges. If you harass or verbally abuse a judge or other competition official, we will disqualify you and may also ban you from competing at this event in the future.

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